Eternal Summers share “Together or Alone”

Eternal Summers have shared their first single "Together or Alone" from their forthcoming album 'Gold and Stone'

Eternal Summers have shared their new single “Together or Alone”, from their forthcoming album Gold and Stone, The band’s full-length comes out June 2nd via Kanine Records.

“I’ve never thought too hard about what our albums should sound like before they are written. I just trust instinct to lead the way.” That is the philosophy of Nicole Yun from the noise pop, power rock trio Eternal Summers

Formed in 2009, Eternal Summers is the trio of Nicole Yun, Daniel Cundiff and Jonathan Woods. Gone are the days of the Roanoke based collective known as the Magic Twig Community that saw the handful of like-minded indie artists working together; but what has grown in its place is a band that stands firmly on its own. In the words of All Music, “The kind that other bands will look to for inspiration 20 years later.” Last year’s The Drop Beneath marked Eternal Summers first full length created entirely outside Virginia

For Gold and Stone, Eternal Summers returned to the site of last year’s well-received The Drop Beneath, Resonate Studio in Austin, TX and back into the very adept hands of engineer and mixer Louie Lino to create an album that ventures beyond the pop immediacy of their previous albums. Nicole says, “On this self-produced album, we wanted to target more lush and radiant textures, some classic rock riffs, some jazzier elements and some full-on punk snarl.”

“Whether it creeps in or just bashes you on the head, I think we made it a point to be as open as possible. We love to listen to bands and think about how their albums came together. We were listening to a lot of Blur, early Radiohead, And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Echo and the Bunnymen, Ryan Adams, Lush, Dinosaur Jr., Cleaners from Venus and Stereolab in the van on tour before writing Gold and Stone.” You’ll have to give Gold and Stone a spin to see whether you can pick out those influences or even find traces of the early Eternal Summers “dream punk,” but regardless, it’s evident Eternal Summers shall not fade.




JUNE 2, 2015

1. Unassigned

2. Together or Alone

3. Gold and Stone

4. The Roses

5. Black Diamond

6. Come Alive

7. Ebb Tide

8. Play Dead

9. Stars You Named

10. Bloom

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