“Hunter” Anna Calvi

This week singer/songwriter Anna Calvi shared the title track from her forthcoming release Hunter, available August 31st, via Domino. Calvis says the track is about “exploring a more subversive sexuality, which goes further than what is expected of a woman in our patriarchal heteronormative society.” “Hunter” follows the release of the album’s first single, “Don’t Beat The Girl Out Of My Boy”. The accompanying video was directed by rising star and recent Kendrick Lamar collaborator, William Kennedy, and choreographed by Aaron Sillis (FKA Twigs).

Produced by Nick Launay (Nick Cave, Grinderman, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) at Konk Studios in London with some further production in LA, Hunter was recorded with Anna’s band – Mally Harpaz on various instruments and Alex Thomas on drums – with the addition of Adrian Utley from Portishead on keys and Martyn Casey from The Bad Seeds on bass. It has a new rawness, a primal energy into which Calvi pushes the limits of her guitar and voice beyond anything she’s recorded before.

“Hunter is the embodiment of the feeling of truly letting go. it was a catharsis, an opportunity to be more truthful than ever. A queer and a feminist record, Hunter is a visceral album exploring sexuality and breaking the laws of gender conformity and is galvanising in its hunt for freedom. It was important to Calvi that it was as vulnerable as it is strong; as beautiful as it is harsh; as much about the hunted as it is about the hunter. But she’s careful not to characterise any of these traits as “masculine” or “feminine” – the whole point is that one person, of any gender, can be both.”

Anna Calvi
Domino Records

1.) As A Man
2.) Hunter
3.) Don’t Beat The Girl Out Of My Boy
4.) Indies Of Paradise
5.) Swimming Pool
6.) Alpha
7.) Chain
8.) Wish
9.) Away
10.) Eden