A chat with Honor Titus from Cerebral Ballzy

Northern Transmissions' Interview with Honor Titus from Cerebral Ballzy. Cerebral Ballzy's new album Faded and Jaded will be out this spring on Cult records

Northern Transmissions chatted with Honor Titus, lead singer for NYC Punk Rockers Cerebral Ballzy. The band’s forthcoming album Jaded & Faded will be out this spring on Julian Casablancas’ Cult records.

NT: The band played in Russia not that long ago, were you guys given any warnings before your show on what you couldn’t do or say?

HT: It was a really cool experience. It was the first time we ever really played in such an oppressive country. When we got there, there was a huge line around the block. We we’re quite excited. The only thing they asked us was to not incite a riot, lol. I think there was one. We played in Poland as well, I’d be pretty happy to go back.

NT: Tell me a bit about your cover of I Wanna Be Adored” by The Stone Roses.

HT: I am a huge fan of The Stone Roses. They are such a brilliant band. “I Wanna Be Adored” captures so much! It’s definitely one of the most honest rock songs. We all really wanted to do something different and out of the box. Ian Brown had said he liked the song. It was pretty cool too because it coincided with their tour.

NT: You directed the video for the song “City’s Girl.” Do you have a background in film?

HT: I really am a literal guy before anything else. I think we all are huge film buffs; I’m a huge Jim Jarmusch fan. The video was definitely trying to evoke his style a bit. It was a subversive Super 8 movie. We really enjoyed making it.

NT: Do you ever get any flack for the band name?

HT: Of course, every time we get any type of press, journalists question the name. But most people understand that we are not making fun of anyone, it is all obviously tongue-in-cheek. I think in the end it really just is a name, the music speaks for it self.

NT: You worked with Dave Sitek (TVOTR) on your upcoming album Jaded and Faded. He definitely seems like a different kind of fit for the band. What was it that attracted you guys to working with him?

HT: We really didn’t want to make the same record twice or be obvious in any way. We definitely wanted to do something different. Jullian Casablancas also brought in David Kahne (The Strokes, New Order) to do the mixes. We are really stoked with the way the album sounds. Those guys did an amazing  job.

NT: You were featured in New York Times Magazine. What was your reaction when you found out they wanted to do a piece on you?

HT: It was pretty exciting. The band had been in the paper addition before. I think it’s quite flattering that a well-respected publication like the New York Times would want to do something on the band.

NT: New York City has such a rich history of Punk Rock and Hardcore music. Why do you think the city has produced so many amazing bands.

HT: I think if you have lived in New York City, you learn about the hustle. There’s a style to the city. It’s full of so many different types of people and cultures, and this of course produces so many types of art. New York City will always be such a cultural hub. That’s what makes it such an interesting and edgy place to live.

NT: Which five albums are inspiring you these days?


The Zombies – Odessey and Oracle

Slowdive – Souvlaki

The Dead Boys – Young Loud and Snotty

The Velvet Underground – White Light/White Heat

The Jesus and Mary Chain – Psychocandy



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